Located at 678 Laurier Street, in the small yet picturesque city of Rockland Ontario, Espada Tattoo is driven to elevate tattooing to a fine art and maintain the utmost quality in the work created for each client.

This studio draws inspiration from the medieval age of Spain and the Spanish hero known as El Cid.


Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (c. 1043 – 1099)  better known as El Cid was a Castilian nobleman and military leader in medieval Spain. The Moors called him El Cid, which meant the Lord, and the Christians, El Campeador, which loosely translates toChampion Warrior.

To this day, El Cid remains a Spanish popular folk-hero and national icon. Numerous plays, films, folktales, songs, and even video games continue to memorialize the traditions of manliness and allegiance that his allegories typify.


Tizona, a one handed double edged longsword, is the legendary sword used by El Cid and is as famous and important to Spanish folklore as Excalibur is to Great Britain. However, Excalibur is purely fictitious and Tizona is the authentic weapon used by El Cid in the eleventh century in Spain.  In 1999, a small sample of the blade underwent metallurgical analysis which confirmed that the blade was made in Moorish Córdoba in the eleventh century and contained amounts of Damascus steel.

In 2007, the Autonomous Community of Castile and León bought the sword for 1.6 million Euros, and it is currently on display at the Museum of Burgos.

Colada, a rapier, is the other best-known sword of El Cid. Won in combat from the Count of Barcelona, the sword was presented (along with Tizona) to his sons in law. According to the heroic verses of the Cantar de mio Cid, after his sons-in-law beat his daughters and then abandoned them on the side of the road, El Cid asked for his gifts to be returned. Afterward, he bestowed the sword upon one of his knights, Martín Antolínez.


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